Againer ski and snowboard support is finally here with new groundbreaking hydraulic systems for humans!

Ski and snowboard longer and harder with Againer, now available for the first time in the USA through our US Rep, Murray Jacobson 909-283-8223 Hands on training and demo support live on the snowy mountain. Book in advance as we fill up fast! Get your free demo today and never ski without your Againers again!

Jill Gatsby

6/24/20231 min read

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"Not only do these Againer Exoskeleton knee, back and hip supports help you ski longer and harder, they allow you to actually sit back and relax at a crowded ski bar when there is standing room only! LOL Using a tiny bit of counterbalance, you can easily take the weight off and relax with a beer after 20 runs in a row on the mountain. And this is coming from someone who is 56 years old and has had multiple injuries and suffers from chronic pain! These things saved my life and got me back into the game of skiing after years of having to give it up. Murray spent over an hour with me doing a demo with these Againers and I am hooked. I actually wear them around with house to improve my posture! Can't rave enough over these and Murray. If only the whole world had reps like this guy, we'd all live in peace!" Victoria Cohen